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Mission Statement:

Galveston, Texas is a truly magical place, but the City has been in decline for fifty years. The Galveston Open Government Project (GOGP) was organized and is operated for the primary purpose of studying the role of local government in this decline and attempting to discover ways that it might be redirected to improve its accountability to the voters, and the operations might be made more efficient, user friendly, and beneficial to the general public, rather than just to special interest groups; and then educating the residents on our findings.

In addition, Galveston, Texas is 180 years old and is struggling with the common problems of older cities such as; poverty, declining population, high unemployment, loss of business, and urban blight and decay. The GOGP was also organized and is operated for the purpose of studying these problems, publishing and disseminating suggested solutions, and assisting individuals and groups struggling to deal with them.

The GOGP was organized and is operated exclusively for educational and charitable and purposes within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  

If you would like to contribute to support the work of the GOGP;

Donations can be sent to:
Galveston Open Government Project
11 Lyncrest Drive
Galveston, TX 77550

Please make checks payable to: "GOGP"

or send donations via PayPal, using the button below:

Educational purposes:

The instruction of the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community including:

a.) Supporting transparency, integrity, accountability, and the rule of law in local government.

b.)  Educating the public on the benefits of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. 

c.) Exploring the differences in local government structures and seeking the ideal type for the City of Galveston.

Public education is accomplished using research and investigation and the publication and dissemination of the findings by: posting articles on this web site, writing op-eds for the local newspaper and other publications, making public presentations and appearances at public meetings and on radio and TV programs, and sending out newsletters and email updates.

Charitable purposes:

To address 
poverty, declining population, high unemployment, loss of business, and urban blight and decay through the identification of public policies that are designed to lessen neighborhood tensions; eliminate prejudice and discrimination; defend human and civil rights secured by law; and combat community deterioration.

Charitable support for the community is accomplished by identifying polices and programs that benefit the local economy and people of all races and income levels and incentivize the rebuilding of the City’s older neighborhoods and commercial districts.   

The GOGP assists individuals and groups that are not being properly served by local government, and attempts to protect their basic civil rights.

 or Call 409-621-2099.

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