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The Constitution
and Freedom

by David Stanowski
16 February 2010

The genius of the Founding Fathers, and the wonderment of the Republic that they gave us has been under assault for more than 150 years. The elite class who runs this country has been slowly but surely altering our government with the aim that, eventually, we will no longer have either the individual or State's rights that were guaranteed to us at the Founding. They see the Constitution as an anachronistic barrier to a Utopian society that will be created by a new form of government with absolutely no limits on the policies that this anointed class envisions and implements.

The elites also overstep at the state and local government level when they enact laws and regulations that blatantly ignore our Constitutional Rights. The primary mission of the Galveston Open Government Project is to monitor our local government and raise the alarm when it fails to adhere to the U.S. and the State constitutions.

Take a few minutes to remember what a Constitutional Republic used to look like. Our government is in such rapid transition and decline that there will probably be little, if any, of the Republic left before you know it.

Do we have any chance of returning to the Constitutional Republic of the Founders? 

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