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"You Won't Even
Notice It!"

by David Stanowski
22 July 2011

Excellent point!!

"I don't see how building mixed-income and tax-credit units in the same area as you do Public Housing is going to change the census tract for the poverty area; I mean it's going to change it by 1 or 2 points." "You're only going to drop it from 50% to 48% or 47%." "So, you're still going to have a concentration of poverty". Steve Greenberg

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This is the point that we tried to make in a recent article titled 2+2 = 21? The GHA scheme of altering the census tract demographics so that they can build in the most unacceptable neighborhoods in the City just will not work when you do the calculations!

In the  following short video, Toni Jackson (GHA outside counsel for development) is forced to admit, once again, that "Actually, most of the census tracts in Galveston are impacted." Translation, most are unacceptable locations for Public Housing, but we are going to force them in there anyway.

To which Steve Greenberg astutely says, "You're not going to go from 60% to 20% poverty." "You won't even notice it."


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