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Who is Getting Paid?
by David Stanowski
06 December 2011

In December 2009, the GOGP asked the GHA to supply the check register showing their operating costs for the year beginning September 2008 and ending September 2009. This was the post-Ike cleanup period when the 569 family units were NOT in operation. Only the 410 elderly and disabled units were back on line a few months after the Storm.

We wanted to find out who was getting paid by GHA, and who might have a conflict of interest in the rebuilding debate. We never published the raw data, or any conclusions, because we gave it to the GCDN in the hopes that they would do a full investigation. They did run one article using this data, but nothing beyond that, that we are aware of.

We didn't pursue this line of investigation any further, but in the light of our recent articles on GHA spending, and their salaries and benefits, we decided to release the data in the hopes that it would help to complete the spending picture at the GHA, and, in addition, our readers might have more information on some of the people and companies listed in the check register.  

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Included for your review is the original data file, plus a sorted version with the totals for many payees shown in column L.

The total amount GHA spent using this account was $12,898,824.42!


A&H Electric $67,502.54

Allied Waste $49,100.82

American Fence $26,668.96

Apartments Galveston $44,678.00

ATT $80,499.79

ATT Mobility $24,347.48

Bey Construction $138,003.11

Bid Enterprises $178,720.00

Boys & Girls Clubs $136,445.27

Carrier Corp $93,765.02

Carroll's Discount Furniture $82,024.90

City of Galveston Water $342,741.55

Civic Design Assoc. $94,872.33

Comcast $56,600.43

Courtney Harper & Partners $27,040.12

CSS USA $65,166.31

Family Service Center $88,153.47

Fat Cat Enterprises Janitorial (owned by Leon Phillips) $44,280.00

FATTIG Office Systems $92,093.42

GISD $63,267.37

Guaranteed Builders $815,946.05

Holistic CDC Galveston $223,929.15

Honesty Environmental $124,500.00

Island Environmental $1,226,313.68

Island Community Center $332,346.00

John Manuel $72,068.50

KLB Environmental $226,481.12

Kleen Janitorial $34,495.24

Local Initiative Support $55,227.63

MFR People Count $105,880.00

NAHRO $25,993.75

Pablo Cisneros $174,167.62

Palace Inspections $111,426.25

Reliant Energy $769,257.48

TCB Services $34,300.00

Check Register

Check Register Sorted and with Totals

See Column L


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