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This is ALL
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by David Stanowski
17 August 2010

NO CITY in this country is required to build and operate public housing.

It is the CHOICE of city government.

MOST cities choose NOT to build and operate public housing.

They make this choice, because they see it as a LIABILITY to their city; not an asset.

They see it as a liability; because the resources needed (police, fire, EMS, schools, social services, etc.) to support public housing far exceed the taxes that public housing residents pay to the city plus federal subsidies.

They see it as a liability; because many of those who turn to public housing lead dysfunctional lives which have a negative impact on their host city.

Those cities that choose to build and operate public housing put themselves at a decided DISADVANTAGE to those cities that do not. Public housing cities tend to drive out portions of their middle class and business community, curtailing healthy population growth.
Galveston Population

Residents of a city where a decision is to be made about whether to build and operate, rebuild, or expand public housing should never be duped by the argument that other federal funding will be lost if public housing is not supported and embraced. Most cities in this country ignore this IDLE THREAT to their everlasting benefit.

Generally, a city must develop a POVERTY INDUSTRY before its government can be “persuaded” to consider building and operating public housing. This cartel of local special interest groups derives great FINANCIAL BENEFIT from the funding flowing through the public housing bureaucracy. Once this symbiotic relationship is established, it is very difficult for a city to divest itself of public housing, but it must find a way to free itself from the Poverty Industry in order to prosper.

Residents of a city where the government chooses to build and operate public housing should never be duped by the argument that the federal subsidies flowing into their city to maintain public housing are a net benefit to their city. They are only a net benefit to the Poverty Industry, and result in the loss of a great deal of local control. 

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In previous years, the City of Galveston chose to build and operate the 410 units of public housing currently standing. The current City Council seems determined to CHOOSE to add another 569 units to the total. GHA wants to add 1,600 more! The other cities in Galveston County have chosen to build and operate 0 public housing units!

Which city governments in this County are serving the best interests of their residents, and which one is under the control of the Poverty Industry?

The residents of this City MUST convince City Council to choose NOT to build any more public housing units, or the increased liability will greatly hamper our recovery.

And, that’s all you need to know!

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