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The People Deserve
Their Day in Court!

by David Stanowski
28 January 2014

The Defendants used heavy-handed tactics to impose a disgraceful Public Housing rebuilding plan on this city, which created the controversy that has roiled the local landscape for more than five years. The people must DEMAND that the Defendants be required to justify their plan to the court to put an end to their dogmatic rule on this matter.

No one should be allowed to prevent the court from settling this dispute, because the outcome will not just effect the Plaintiffs and Defendants, it will have a dramatic impact on the future of this city, and everyone who lives here.  

If the Defendants really believe that their plan does not violate the Fair Housing Act, they should be eager to go to court. The Plaintiffs are very anxious to present their case, so why does at least one Defendant want to avoid defending their plan?

The Defendants are all government entities. Entities whose alleged purpose is to act "in the best interests of the people that they serve"; not to use every legal ploy to prevent them from having their grievances heard.


The Plaintiffs are some of the most vulnerable citizens of Galveston County, who have been trapped in isolated reservations of poverty, that offer them little opportunity. Hurricane Ike gave them the hope that they might finally have the chance to escape, but their government is trying to block their access to better neighborhoods!

Since these Plaintiffs found the courage to challenge their government, we were appalled when the GHA filed a "Motion to Dismiss", attempting to disqualify the Plaintiffs, to prevent them from presenting their case. Remember, this GHA Board was appointed by a Mayor, who pledged to end this form of Public Housing. Since this Board failed to do that, why are they trying to deny these Plaintiffs their chance to do so?

This Board needs to understand the message that their Motion is sending and withdraw it.


One of the most disappointing aspects of this saga has been the unwavering support of the GCDN for the City's segregated Public Housing system. The newspaper has never even considered the numerous blatant fair-housing violations that are part of the rebuilding plan. True to form, their first reaction to our lawsuit was the knee-jerk support of the Defendants, and an attempt to discredit the Plaintiffs.

Rather than respecting the Plaintiffs' right to have their day in court, the GCDN seems gleeful that the GHA is trying to find a way to deny it to them! Why?

Will the GCDN ever stop opposing our effort to end segregated Public Housing in this city?

The outcome of this lawsuit is not about the GOGP; it's about the future of this city, and especially the lives of the other Plaintiffs and the people that they represent; people who have been trapped in a segregated Public Housing system for generations.

Why does anyone want to deny THEM their day in court? 


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