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Statements Versus Facts:
Part Five!

by Jul Kamen and
Jacquelyn Tarpy

14 December 2010

On November 12, 2010, PBS Channel 8, in Houston, hosted a panel discussion on Galveston's public housing. The participants were Mayor Joe Jaworski, GHA Chair Paula Neff, and GOGP president David Stanowski. 

Many statements were made regarding various aspects of public housing: why we need it, who lives in it, who pays for it, and what type offers the best solution. Although this was not a debate, many of their remarks need clarification.

This is the fifth in a series to examine these statements against the facts. 

1) We will paraphrase the panelist's statement.
2) Give the exact location on the video where the entire statement can be found.
3) Provide the facts regarding that statement. 

The reader can then judge for themselves the validity of the statement against the facts provided.


If we are forced to rebuild the 569 public housing units, Galveston will have five times the national average public housing units per capita.

For the entire quote, slide the cursor beneath the video to 2:03 and 15:15 minutes.


Public housing units currently in operation in the City of Galveston:

Gulf Breeze: 199 units
Holland House: 157 units 
The Oaks: 20 units
Scattered Sites: 34 units 

Sub Total: 410 public housing units

Public housing units slated to go into operation, at a later date, in the City of Galveston:

The Oaks: 40 units
Scattered Sites: 529 units

Sub Total: 569 public housing units

TOTAL: 979 public housing units in operation or intended to be built in the City.

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HUD's Resident Characteristics Report as of 31 October 2010 shows:

On a national basis, 2,103,327 people are living in public housing.

The average household size for residents of public housing is 2.2 people.

Dividing the 2010 U.S. population by the number of people living in public housing:

310,727,879 / 2,103,327 = 148

This means that on a national basis 1 in every 148 people is in the public housing program.

Dividing the estimated Galveston population by the number of people living in public housing if 569 additional public housing units are built in the City.

410 Elderly Units x 1.3 people/unit =
533 people

569 Family Units x 2.2 people/unit =
1252 people

533 people + 1252 people = 1785 people

48,000 / 1785 = 27

This means that with the current public housing units, plus the number mandated to be built, in Galveston, 1 in every 27 people will be in the public housing program, or more than FIVE TIMES the national average!!

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Galveston has been forced to host far more than its fair share of public housing, for decades, and it is the only city in Galveston County under a mandate to build even more! The City currently has 410 public housing units which already puts it above the national average density on a per capita basis. In addition, GHA plans to rebuild 569 PH units in the City will force Galveston to shoulder more than FIVE times the national average load of public housing!

Also note these numbers only reflect public housing and do NOT include any of the voucher programs like Section 8.


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