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The Numbers Show Extreme Segregation
and Poverty!

by David Stanowski
11 June 2014

The GOGP is working on a "think piece" about what it means to live in a city run for the benefit of the Poverty Industry and where segregation is now "legal", pending the outcome of our appeal. One portion of that article will ask you how you feel about living in a city where the Editor of the newspaper spared no effort to support the Poverty Industry, throughout this battle, and, as expected, feels vindicated that the court will allow segregated Public Housing to return to the City!

The rationalization for his support is that segregation will be "reduced". Was the mandate of the Fair Housing Act to "reduce" segregation and the concentration of poverty or eliminate it? Apparently, in his opinion, reductions are sufficient.

The newspaper ignores the facts about this issue, because they don't support its position.


The fact is, that the plan will build back the same number of units at Cedar Terrace and Magnolia Homes as existed before the Storm. 49% will begin as market-rate, but when the middle class fail to fill up these units, in these "picturesque" commercial / industrial blighted neighborhoods, the market-rate units will receive vouchers, and we'll be right back with the number before the Storm.

The fact is, the 2010 Census shows that the Cedar Terrace neighborhood has 61.0% of its residents living below the poverty level (the worst in the entire County), and 97.6 % of its residents are minorities (the highest in the County), so NOTHING should be built there.

Would the newspaper consider a "reduction" from 97.6% minorities to, let's say, 95% minorities "desegregation"?

The fact is, that the Cedar Terrace and Magnolia Homes locations are ideal for the Poverty Industry, because they will get no opposition from "neighborhood leaders" and they don't have to buy the land, which will maximize their profits. They don't want to have to try to build in White neighborhoods in Friendswood, Santa Fe and League City, where they WOULD actually Affirmatively Further Fair Housing, because they'd get some real pushback there! 

The fact is, that Dr. McClure said in his deposition that both of these projects would FAIL to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing. Clever legal maneuvers, that kept him from testifying, do NOT change his opinion.

Is the Editor a more qualified expert on fair housing than Dr. McClure? Or should we rely on the Poverty Industry's "expert" opinion as the Defendants tried to do?

The fact is, that the court never considered the fair housing violations that we presented in 44 Exhibits and over 1,900 pages, because it relied on an obscure "demolition statue" to nullify the requirements of the Fair Housing Act.

The fact is, that these sites are contaminated with Arsenic, Lead and Mercury. 

The fact is, that a newspaper that supported integration in this city would be outraged by this ruling, and calling for an appeal. Our newspaper supports this ruling!

How do you feel about living in a city where your newspaper supports this ruling?


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