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GHA and City Council
on Fair Housing!

by the GOGP Staff
05 October 2012


Plan 1 is the plan demanded by HUD, the GLO, Texas Appleseed, TXLIHIS, Galveston Coalition for Justice, The Galveston Northside Task Force, Gulf Coast Interfaith et al. This is the plan that City Council passed with a 5-2 vote on 28 September.

Unfortunately, Councilmembers Beeton and Pappous were the ONLY
Councilmembers who voted against Plan 1!


Plan 2
is the regional plan developed by GHA Vice-Chairman Tony Brown in collaboration with Dr. Kirk McClure.

Nine short video clips,
from the 13 September 2012 City Council Meeting, are spliced together into one video, which can be accessed by a link at the end of the article. Notations for each clip are shown below:

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1. GHA Vice-Chairman, Tony Brown began this meeting by describing what criteria fair-housing expert, Dr. Kirk McClure, told him should be used to construct a Public Housing plan that actually Affirmatively Furthers Fair Housing (AFFH).

Plan 2 started from scratch and asked where the 529 Public Housing units should be built to AFFH.
  • In high-opportunity neighborhoods where they will de-concentrate poverty and de-segregate minorities.
  • There are high-opportunity neighborhoods on the Island and 21 on the Mainland.
  • Cedar Terrace with 61% poverty and Magnolia with 27% poverty are not even close to high-opportunity neighborhoods.
  • Mixed-income on these sites will not AFFH due to the housing surplus on the Island.

2. GHA Chairman Buddy Herz stating that the groups listed above wanted the City to provide an affirmation that this plan had to AFFH.

GHA Chairman Buddy Herz stating that the City was seeking indemnification from fair housing violations.

4. Councilmember Elizabeth Beeton stating that she wanted to send a plan to the groups listed above that will actually AFFH, i.e. Plan 2.

5. Mayor Lewis Rosen stating that it is important to send something that doesn't violate fair housing. This is the only plan we have that doesn't violate fair housing
, i.e. Plan 2.

6. Councilmember Terrilyn Tarlton stating that the Council knows that Plan 1 will NOT promote fair housing.

7. GHA Chairman Bud
dy Herz stating that Plan 2 meets fair housing better than any other plan.

GHA Chairman Buddy Herz stating that Plan 2 moves the low-income population to the Mainland where there are more jobs.

9. The City Attorney stating that the Council needs to make sure that anything that they do furthers fair housing.

Click on the picture below to compare what is said in these video clips with how some Councilmembers voted on 28 September.

What will the court think of this discrepancy?

13 September 2012 Galveston City Counil Meeting


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