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Galveston County Apartment Association Response!
by David Stanowski
07 September 2011

On August 19, 2011, Robert O. Coe II, an "affordable housing analyst", released the results of his report, that was commissioned by Michael Duffy of McCormack, Baron, and Salizar showing that the potential demand for multi-family housing, in the City of Galveston, is 2,507 units!

MBS Preliminary Analysis

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Naturally, this shocked local rental property owners who are suffering in a market that has approximately 7,900 vacant housing units of various types!

The Galveston County Apartment Association (GCAA) has just completed its analysis of five other comprehensive housing market surveys for the City, and comes to a different conclusion.

"GCAA believes the additional research quoted, interpretation of that research, and conclusions drawn from that research is flawed and misleading for anyone making any housing occupancy or demand decisions or preliminary need forecasts."

GCAA Survey Summary

GCAA Survey
GCAA Exhibit B


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