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Fuzzy Math!
by David Stanowski
24 December 2011

The Mayor says that he is under a mandate to build 569 Public Housing units in this city. In fact, he likes to pretend that the Conciliation Agreement is the word of God chiseled into stone tablets; something from such a high authority that it will allow him to violate the Fair Housing Act with impunity! 

The Mayor also says that he must build these Public Housing units in mixed-income developments. McCormack, Baron & Salazar wants to build them in a 40-20-40 mix. 40% Public Housing, 20% tax credit, and 40% market rate.

40 Public Housing units have already been built at Oaks IV, leaving 529 yet to build.

The GHA intends to build 50 Public Housing units as scattered sites, leaving 479 left to build in mixed income developments.

In order to get 479 Public Housing units in a 40-20-40 mix, 1,198 total units must be built. 1,198 x .40 = 479.

Therefore, the total units intended to be built are:

40 units at Oaks IV
50 units in scattered sites
1,198 units in mixed-income

1,288 Total units!

So where does the Mayor get the number 971? That’s a very good question!

It could be that he is only counting the number of units that he intends to build at Oleander, Cedar Terrace and Magnolia; but that will only get him:

40 Public Housing units at Oaks IV
50 Public Housing units in scattered sites
233 Public Housing units at Oleander, Cedar Terrace and Magnolia (built at 50% of pre-Ike levels)

323 Total Public Housing units

This would leave him 246 Public Housing units short of his mandate; something that surely would not be allowed.

In his 11 December article, Michael Smith even said, The authority could build another 296 nonpublic housing units, for a total of 1,288, depending on demand and whether money was available in years to come.”

Since the Mayor says he is under a mandate to build 569 Public Housing units, how could those 296 nonpublic housing units, needed to make the desired mix, mentioned in the article, be optional?  At least Michael Smith does acknowledge the possibility of the 1,288 number that was calculated above.

In today's article, the Mayor says that he’s “only” going to build 971 total units, but the calculations show 1,288; why the difference? He also makes it clear that he's not representing the interests of rental-property owners; he will sacrifice them for the greater good. A mixed-income utopia is much more important than their property rights!

This plan cannot produce less than 1,000 total units unless the 246 Public Housing units intended to be built off of the Oleander, Cedar Terrace and Magnolia sites are in developments that are not built as 40-20-40 mixed-income; something the Mayor tells us must not be done.

The only way these differences can be resolved is for the Mayor to show all of his calculations; not just a final total.


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