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Elizabeth Beeton
Speaks for the People!

by David Stanowski
18 July 2011

Finally, somebody on the City Council came right out and said it! Elizabeth Beeton expressed the views of the vast majority of the people who live in this city!

"... we're putting all this Public Housing back in a location where all the census tracts are impacted (i.e. high levels of poverty and/or minorities) while we've got all these cities just across the bridge that have plenty of census tracts that are not impacted, but for some reason our City leaders, and the State, have got it in their minds that it is better for us to do that here on the Island rather than try to go to some census tracts that are not impacted!"

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"For us to be the only ones in the County who have Public Housing, and for HUD now to be saying, and guess what guys, you're so impoverished, you're really not a good candidate for Public Housing, we're going to make you, after the housing bubble has burst, we're going to make you add two times as many units in addition to try to compensate for the fact that you are such an impoverished city, and this is where ALL THE PUBLIC HOUSING IS GOING TO GO!" To me, that just doesn't make any sense!"

In contrast to Councilmember Beeton's efforts, Mayor Joe Jaworski WANTS to build ALL 569 Pubic Housing units in the City, plus about 1,000 additional tax-credit and market-rate units in a housing market with 12,425 vacant housing units, about 8,000 of them probably "in distress", because they have a substantial cost but no current benefit to their owners!

The Mayor has even gone so far as to make at least three requests to HUD asking them to send a letter ordering the City to build the 569 units inside the City limits, and now seems to have gotten HUD to say that the City has to build two extra units for every Public Housing unit to "dilute" the toxic effects of the City's horrible demographics!

The following short video is chilling, outrageous, and horrifying! 


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