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Black Diversity?
by David Stanowski
25 October 2009

Many people, and a good portion of the media, can not see the Public Housing controversy through any lens other than Black versus White, or poor versus middle class, as typified in yesterday’s article in the Chronicle. I have attempted to point out that independent Black people are often more opposed to government housing than White people, because they know the harm that this institution has done to their community. I have also tried to define the difference between productive and self-reliant low income citizens, and the spiritually impoverished underclass that is helpless and dependent, and spreads dysfunction and social problems throughout the community around them.

Harvey Rice (White, Liberal, who doesn’t live near the Projects) wrote an article using the stereotypical polarized opinions between the “Black and White viewpoints”. However, he also included a sympathetic personal story about Verneia Shaw who may be in housing limbo, if the Projects are not rebuilt. Where was the vignette about our self-reliant Black friends and neighbors, who live near the Projects, and are now spared the dysfunction and social problems that their former inhabitants inflicted upon them?

I would like to see the Galveston County Daily News take the time to seek out the thoughts and feelings of those in our Black community who are not marching in lock step with the positions currently expressed by such people as Tarris Woods, Linda Colbert, David Miller, and Leon Phillips. Do these people feel safe expressing their views, or are they intimidated by their “leadership”? Do you remember what the national "leadership" did to Clarence Thomas during the Senate hearings?

Why do people always think that there is no diversity of thought and opinion in the Black community? Many have probably realized that grievance-group politics, and the racial spoils system have done much more harm than good to their people. Now is the time to find the Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or Star Parker in Galveston. I still hope that my friend, Tarris Woods, will undergo the paradigm shift in thinking to become such a statesman!

Monday, Tarris told me that I do not understand the plight of those who are trapped in the Projects, often because the school system failed them. What I understand much better than he knows is that a nearly-total government monopoly in schools has been a disaster for the entire nation; not just the Black community! It is an institution that is more interested in protecting the jobs of bureaucrats and teachers, and in indoctrinating children in one particular world view or ideology, than in actually educating them.

For example, that is where students are taught that people should be viewed as members of groups rather than individuals; that there are “Black leaders” who represent the monolithic thinking of a “Black community”, but there is no need for “White Leaders” to perform the same function, because White people are instinctively racists. 

I asked Tarris why he wanted to rely on the same government that had failed his people so badly with their school system to “take care of them” in government housing. Hasn’t the government proved by now that they are consistently bad at managing both institutions? Tarris, why don’t we take the money that you want to spend on Housing Projects, and give it to the impoverished, in the City of Galveston, for transportation and school vouchers allowing them to attend any school in Galveston County? That would actually solve the problem of why many are trapped in Public Housing, instead of just perpetuating a failed system.

And, why don't we help the impoverished to become entrepreneurs with a local Micro-Finance program? It is working in the Third-World, so why can't it work in Galveston?

Just a couple of crazy thoughts from a White Libertarian.   

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