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What is Socialism?
by David Stanowski

17 October 2019

From the beginning of time, rulers have lusted after absolute power. These autocrats only shared power to the extent necessary to prevent a coup by their lieutenants. "Peasants" had no voice in how they were ruled unless they banded together to overthrow their ruler. To minimize the potential threat of a popular uprising, kings created a "narrative" to legitimize their rulership. It's difficult to generate support for a revolt if a ruler is considered legitimate; even if his people despise him.

The original narrative was that only the family members of rulers were qualified to be future rulers, because they have "royal blood". In addition, in Europe, the Catholic Church acted as an "independent" institution that legitimized kings by certifying that they were "fulfilling God's will".

Eventually, some “philosophers” began to question whether the "royal blood line" narrative and the role of the Church, in anointing secular rulers, served "the common good". Karl Marx furthered this transition by developing a strategy for how "common people" could install and rule authoritarian governments. Their legitimacy was established in the pages of the Communist Manifesto; the handbook of modern totalitarianism.

Marx's vision of bureaucratic authoritarian control is variously referred to as Marxism, Communism, and/or Socialism. For simplicity, this article will refer to it as Socialism. Basically, Socialism is government, rather than private, ownership and/or control of the "means of production". Therefore, Socialists are people who prefer the mandatory interactions and relationships created by government ownership and/or control, as opposed to the voluntary interactions and relationships developed through private ownership.

Over the years, a variety of Socialist institutions, like government schools, have successfully achieved the cradle-to-the-grave indoctrination and control of the population that medieval kings could never even imagine. This has been accomplished by convincing large numbers of people that those who promote government ownership and/or control are doing it for "the good of society" rather than their own personal gain and power, even though history clearly shows that whenever the more "unrestrained" forms Socialism are implemented, millions of people suffer and die; exposing its real agenda. 

Regardless of its horrifying historical record, the myth of a Socialist Utopia remains alive and well due to its successful worldwide indoctrination, so the only current difference between nations is the degree and extent of its implementation. In this country, Socialism is accepted and rarely questioned by both Democrats and Republicans, so they only differ in how quickly and extensively they want to expand its influence and control. In fact, libertarians appear to be the only people who are unwilling to trade their freedom for inefficient and corrupt government programs and unwilling to accept regulation and control in return for the illusion of safety and security!

It is no surprise that Socialism continues to be embraced by the elite since it is a proven method of acquiring autocratic power and controlling "the masses". The widespread belief in its false promise of "free stuff" makes it the most popular "secular religion" in the world.


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